PoWĂ® MH – A New Way To Approach Mental Health

The Mental Health edition is designed to provide telehealth solutions with meaningful social connections. This is platform is fully HIPPA and CFR42 compliant and allows clinicians, peer supports, recovery coaches, extended family and even law enforcement to collaborate and, therefore, provide effective treatment and support for those who suffer from mental rehabilitations and substance use disorders. PoWĂ® was one of the first software solutions to demonstrate the efficacy of using social media styled interactions in effective treatment and recovery programs.

Fact: over 70% of released prisoners will be re-arrested in five years and over 1/2 within the first year. The PoWĂ® MH helps your community beat the odds. It recognizes that re-entrants have multiple issues (housing, employment, SUD, family rehabilitation, etc.) that must be addressed for effective re-entry in to society. PoWĂ® provides communities with the collaborative, HIPPA and CFR42 compliant platform absolutely needed to connect. Not just some of the dots but all of the dots. It allows substantive treatment, counseling, peer support and controlled social interaction that no other single app or social media platform can begin to provide.

This version is ideal for:
 Prisoner Re-entry
 Substance Use Disorder Support
 Mental Health
 Longitudinal Care